Our 4th Anniversary

>> November 6, 2008

Yay us!!  And specifically yay me.  I finally got the drop on Jeff without him letting me.  I have to admit, Jeff is way more the romantic in this relationship than I am.  I'm the one that makes a big deal over him for his birthday and Christmas and what not, but when it comes to remembering 'us' dates, he's got it.  

The first few times, he would pull that, "Do you know what today is?" stuff and I'd be all, "Crap!".  Then I caught on and started marking things on the calendar and chanting to myself in the days approaching a special event, "happy one year anniversary, honey...happy one year anniversary, honey...happy one....". You get the idea.  Then the morning would dawn bright and early, he'd roll over, a big dopey smile on his face, "Happy Anniversary, love."  Crap!  Okay, so the next year, I go to sleep chanting to myself, "happy second anniversary honey, happy..."  The alarm goes off, Jeff rolls over with a big dopey smile on his face.  A pause.  I blink.  He says, "Is there something you wanted to say?"  Crap!

So then last year, I've been chanting for like a month now, the alarm goes off, and I yawn and stretch, then it hits me.  "Happy 3rd Anniversary, Honey!"  I look over, triumphant, to see Jeff with his big dopey smile, chuckling at me, "happy anniversary, love.  Crap, the big jerk let me win.

This year, I've found his kryptonite.  Have so much else of epic scale going on in life that piddley things like mere anniversaries pale in comparison.  This morning...first of all, let me say that Asher gave us the best anniversary present ever!  he slept until 7:30 this morning, with only one feeding last night around 12:30 and only one other minor wakening at 4am.  WooHoo!!!...okay, so this morning we're basking in the fact that we woke up on our own, no alarm, no crying baby, just that trickle of sunshine peeking around the curtains at 7am....okay, second of all, let me say that the fact that 7am is such a glorious lie-in for me is absolutely disgusting...so we're laying there, basking, and it hits me.  "Hey!  Happy Anniversary, honey!"  A stunned moment on the other side of the bed, then, "crap".  HAHA!!  I finally won one!  And legitimately, too, none of this waiting for her to say it so she thinks she's won.  Yay me! (and you, too, honey, I love you)

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