Monday Meal

>> May 26, 2009

It's Tuesday?! What? Long weekends completely throw me. Why you ask? I don't work. Asher's not in school yet. Ah, but dear hubby is at home. And that makes all the difference in the world. Especially on a long weekend when he has no deadline or threat of impending doom. It was a truly glorious weekend. We did yard work and housework on Saturday and still had time to go to the park for a bit. Sunday afternoon was spent out on our patio. Asher had his water/sand table out and was having fun combining everything. We discovered a table and umbrella (likely from the 70's but that's okay) and set up for a nice leisurely day. Monday was spent with a nice lie-in (after taking an hour and a half to put Asher back to sleep at around 3 in case you thought he might have actually slept through the night, but that's another post) a bit of lounging and laundry and a trip to the park. All of it with Jeff by our sides all happy and relaxed. Big contented sigh.

Which is why I totally forgot that yesterday was Monday. So here is what I had planned for this week's Monday Meal:

This is not so much a test as a testament as to the totally great kid that I have. Here he is with a plate of fish sticks, chips (fries) and peas.

He loves all of these things. I had thought he loved chips the best, followed by fish and then peas.

I guess not. He's not touched his fish and chips in favour of finishing off his peas first.

Grammy and I are very proud of our little man.

He loves his peas so much he'd like to share.

Even the ones in his mouth.

I love my little man.

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Eternal Lizdom May 26, 2009 at 3:05 PM  

What is it about fish and little kids? Mine adore it when I make fish... they love fresh fish, fish sticks, breaded fish, anything! When my babies were teething, I'd let them gnaw on a frozen fishstick. My mom used to give me frozen peas as a snack (weird sounding but really tasty) and I've passed that along to my kids, too.

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