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>> December 19, 2008

The only conclusion I can draw is that in my time away I have somehow developed an allergy to Canada.  What else would explain the fact that I have not had a well day since I arrived.  Granted I had a cold (or possibly allergies to all the dust being kicked up from moving stuff at home) when I arrived, but it was on it's way out, I was feeling better.  And then came the stomach flu which was also on it's way out when last I blogged.  But then came the Upper Respiratory Infection and Bronchitis quite literally on the heals of everything else.  

I wrote that I had finally felt well enough to have a proper meal on Friday night, that was also the night that this little tickle of a dry cough started.  It continued on Saturday but with little enough severity or frequency for me to think much about it.  We went to our family dinner and almost at once I started to lose my voice.  I needn't have worried about Asher's mood, he did so well, especially considering how many people there were there, but he seemed to know they were all family and charmed everyone to no end.  Even fell asleep next to his cousin, I'll have to post some pictures later.  

By Sunday morning, however, I had almost no voice and a significantly deeper cough.  Fast forward to Thursday now, I still have very little in the way of voice, my cough is now producing great big chunks of green goo, but thankfully Asher doesn't seem to be catching anything from me this time.  Jeff is now in Florida (I'm trying very hard not to be bitter and he's trying very hard not to be lonely in all that warmth) and I'm back at my mom's having driven through another terrible storm to get here.  I have little in the way of coherent thought with which to blog, all I want to do is sleep and Asher is bound and determined to not allow that to happen with any reliability, and I still haven't gotten to see hardly any of my friends.  

The bright spot in all of this is that I got drugs today.  My mom and my aunt (who is a nurse) decided that it would be a bad idea to try and wait this out, what with the coughing up of such colorful gunk, and indeed the doctor agreed.  He pronounced the verdict, I mean diagnosis as Upper Respiratory Infection and Bronchitis and a Cold and gave me antibiotics to cover the former and said I would have to slog through the latter.  I'm pretty sure that's on it's way out though as I have had significantly less snot today and I'm hoping that I'll be feeling better tomorrow so I can finally get to see some friends this weekend before heading back to Chicago on Tuesday.  

What a crazy December this has been.

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