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>> December 13, 2008

What an adventure this trip home has been.  We were quite nervous about flying with Asher for the first time.  And we had to do it twice in one day. He was amazing.  Charmed the flight crew and other passengers then promptly fell asleep for the entire first flight.  The second flight was a tight connection but only 5 gates away so we had time to change a diaper, grab a burger and get on the plane.  The second flight was a little longer so he didn't sleep the entire time but it was not a full plane so we had an entire row to ourselves to let him play and jump on the seat a little.  We arrived in style and spent the afternoon with Jeff's best man and his wife and their new dog Togo.  I'll have to post pictures later.  Made it to my Mom's that night in what was to be only our first blizzard.

Grandma was very excited to have her first grandson in her home and we had a wonderful time visiting and seeing friends for the first day and a half.  Then the stomach flu hit.  I pretty much spent the night on the bathroom floor.  Then the next night it was Asher's turn.  Poor little mite. It wasn't until last night that I could finally eat without feeling ill.  Asher recovered a little faster than I did, thankfully.  So I didn't get to see as many friends as Jeff did and our time spent with his family was good but I didn't have the energy that I would have liked.  What a time to get sick.  It sucks that I couldnt enjoy my two days spent in a lazy boy with other people around to help take care of the little man (my Aunt was our life saver).

It was a whirl wind tour with Jeff's family in Alix, Stettler, Three Hills, and the cheapest motel I've ever spent so much money to stay in.  The highlight was being able to see Jeff's Oma again.  She's in a home now and far weaker than when we saw her last.  It was hard on Jeff but I'm so thankful that she got to see Asher and that she recognized Jeff and was so pleased to see him.  The last day with his family, we saw Oma twice, Aunt Mary and Henry, Jeff's parents and Uncle Wilf and Aunt June and then drove to Calgary.  Asher spent most of the day in the car and did really well until the last hour or so.  Such a trooper my little guy.

The not-so-fun part of yesterday was the fact that much of that driving was in the worst winter storm southern Alberta has seen in years.  It was a very harrowing, largely snow-covered backroad to the equally harrowing, largely ice-covered freeway into the complete standstill of traffic in Calgary.  Once we hit Calgary, it should have taken us 30 minutes to get to Dad's, it took 2 hours.  Crazy.  But we finally made it.  It had been so long since I'd been there that we parked in the wrong driveway at first and were about to knock on the wrong front door before I realized.  Leave me alone, you could hardly see the road or the houses and they all look alike in that neighborhood.  

Today we're just chilling, waiting to go to a family dinner out at Grandmother's.  I'm looking forward to Asher meeting her and the rest of the clan. I hope he's in a good mood to meet everyone seeing as he just woke up in a not so good mood.

To Be Continued...

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