I love my Mac!

>> February 21, 2009

I am still sick, so is Asher, but I have made it to the Dr. and I'm off to get some drugs today.  I really am so done with being sick.  I know I have had days when I'm not, but they seem like pinpricks in time on the days that I am sick.  It's been one thing after another since the beginning of December and I'm done.  I quite.  No more.  The office is closed.  We are not accepting any more applications.  At least that's what one person I know says is the key to being healthy...not accepting that you are sick.  I wish.  I'll take the drugs please and hopefully I can keep myself rested and well-hydrated and start to build my immune system back up.  

Okay, on to the real reason for the post.  Well, besides the fact that it's been three days and I really must get more consistent in my blogging.  I love my Mac!  I have had a Mac for...golly, over 6 years now, and I automatically enjoyed it more than the PC.  Can we say no more Control+Alt+Del?  But recently, we upgraded our Mac to a brand new macbook.  We knew we wouldn't have room for a desktop in our new house so we sold my eMac and Jeff's PC and got the macbook.  We call it ours, but mostly I use it as Jeff has his own laptop for work.  I haven't had a lot of time to explore the new operating system that came with my fun little computer, so I haven't had a chance to really play with all the new toys.  Well, this morning, I wanted to play with some photos to see if I could get them to truly reflect the amount of fluids leaking out of my poor little man's face.  (our camera is dying a slow and painful death and has not been taking the best pictures as of late)

So I got to play with the new iPhoto program.  It's great!  I love what I can do with my pictures.  Now I know I am the last person on earth to discover this and if you don't have a Mac, you likely have photoshop which as I understand is a similar program, but let me be excited for a moment.  It was so much fun turning my photos from flat images that don't nearly do justice to capturing all the cuteness that is my son into pictures with detail and contrast.  I think they sometimes come out a little gritty/edgy but that's mostly because that's the kind of photos I like the best and I just couldn't help it. So I may have to start doing some photo blogs.  Right now, I'm trying to figure out how to go back and fix up the 734 pictures we've taken since getting the computer at Christmas.  And then there's all the pictures on our portable hard drive.  Oh golly.  Am I in trouble.

Okay, so here's the first entries:  Me trying to capture how leaky Asher's face is.  Still couldn't quite get it, but I like the pictures anyway.  He's feeling better today though, thankfully.


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gentina February 21, 2009 at 7:08 PM  

Hello! It is no fun being sick, so I hope you will be all right soon. I hope that you are enjoying you're macbook as much as I do mine! It is a brilliant computer!
take care!

Angela February 23, 2009 at 2:05 AM  

I LOVE my Macbook. I have the 15 inch Macbook Pro. It's almost 2 years old now and still going strong. I need a new battery & want the new operating system, but they can wait. I will never go back to a PC. (Well, work requires that I use it, but I won't own another PC at home!)

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