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>> February 9, 2009

I've been itching to post for the past couple days but I've been a bad girl and staying up late to read the third book in a new series that I've gotten into so I've been exhausted during the day.  As soon as Asher goes down for his naps, I either pick up my book again or crash for a quick nap.  Today I was so pooped it took him a while of talking away in his crib to actually wake me up.  You know how it is when you suddenly realize not only are you hearing something, but you've been hearing it for a while.  I still didn't get up, just let him play there until it sounded like he was getting impatient.  I would love nothing more, now that he's down for his second nap to go to sleep myself.  And technically, I could.  I've done laundry today, washed dishes, tidied up the kitchen, but I know if I do, I'll be wide awake tonight and I want to actually go to sleep at a decent time.  

Because...things are very exciting right now. Asher slept really well last night.  He went down at 8, woke up at 3:45, hubby put him back down in a matter of minutes, then he slept straight through until 6am.  No nursing at all during the night, one minor outburst when being put back down to sleep and he wasn't trying to claw through my shirt to nurse this morning.  He very calmly took his soother (pacifier/dummy depending on which country you're in) and played with his Curious George and other toys until it was time for Breakfast at 7.  Wow!  Now I  understand that this may not be a big deal for some of you out there, but for us, it's huge.  

We have struggled with sleep with Asher especially at night from the very beginning.  We are very much an AP, non-CIO family.  We co-slept in the beginning, but Asher was such a loud and active sleeper that I never got any sleep even though he hardly even woke up to nurse.  Finally we ended up moving him to his crib which everyone told us would reduce the number of feedings.  Not so much.  On the one hand I had to get up and walk down the hall to nurse him now, on the other I actually got to sleep between feedings.  We started using the No-Cry Sleep Solution in September and quite quickly had him down to one feeding a night and only waking up maybe one other time.  We were on track.  Then he started teething and cut 4 teeth in a week and a half.  Once that was over and before we could get back on track with his sleeping, we left for our whirl-wind tour of Canada and lost all semblance of a schedule.  You have no idea how happy I am that things are getting back to sanity!  I'm realizing, I didn't actually have to get out of bed once last night!  Heaven! (watch, now I've jinxed it)

Anyway, the other thing that is exciting, as per the title of this post is that my bike is getting delivered tonight.  Or tomorrow if the weather is truly awful.  It's been fitted with a super-duper child seat and is ready to take me and Asher out and about to explore all the wonders of Oxford.  Yay!  Did I mention I haven't ridden a bike in what is frighteningly close to 20 years.  Holy Crap that makes me sound old.  I'm not, I just haven't had a bike since my very early teens.  Is it true what they say about riding a bike?  Oh golly I hope so.  I will be taking a few test rides to make sure before I strap Asher in there with me.  Hilarity and pictures I'm sure will follow.  In the meantime, here's one of the little man in his brand new helmet.  Too. cute.  Or as they say here, "Oh, Bless!"

Okay, I just noticed how loose the strap was on his helmet, don't worry, that will be fitted properly before we get on the bike.  :)

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SciFi Mama February 10, 2009 at 12:41 PM  

How cute! And congrats on the sleeping. Looks like you're on your way to that wonderful, amazing event: a full night's sleep. It's not a myth, it really does exist. Can't wait to see pics of you getting out & about.

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