Happy Birthday my Son

>> April 2, 2009

I cannot even wrap my mind around the fact that I. have. a. son.  Let alone that he is now passing out of babyhood and into toddlerhood with the advent of his birthday.  I will no longer be restrained by months when answering that ever-present question, And how old is he?  I'm sure I'll fall back on it at times as I still hear so many other moms referring to 16 months or 21 months, but I can if I choose, say, He's 1 now.  Wow.  

These last few days I have found myself reflecting on his birth day, remembering the order of events, who was there, what was happening, but all through a bit of a haze.  They say that's there so you will actually want to have more kids, but I don't remember thinking at the time This is horrible, I'm never doing this again.  In fact I'm pretty sure I was already looking forward to the next one long before the pain subsided (which, in my case, due to unforseen complications was about 12 weeks later).  

Even in the midst of my most sleepless nights and days of feeling like I was going to lose my mind from the weariness, I wouldn't have given it up for anything.  Not only would I have not given it up, but I couldn't wait to do it again.  I have to admit, with a bit of regret and even shame, that I was so focussed on having another that there were times when I forgot to just stop and enjoy my son.  Thanks to a conversation with my mom a few weeks ago, my time with Asher lately has been so much richer as I just remembered to revel in the blessing that he is.

So now he is a whole year old!  We had a kind of all day Birthday Celebration.  We skyped with the Godparents, Titi Mary and Tio Eddie, and Grandma and Oma and even Titi Myrna!  We opened Grandma's presents with her and went for a ride on his new tricycle and skipped his afternoon nap (I think he figured since he was One now, he didn't have to have a nap) and tried to eat the cake that I baked (we all succeeded but he wasn't such a big fan).  All in all we had really wonderful day of being thankful for Asher.  I started this blog this morning while he was sleeping and have added to it little by little all day but kept getting pulled away to take part in the joy of this day and now it is late, I am exhausted, I even had half a beer to celebrate.  So I am going to go to bed, a little in awe that tomorrow I will still have. a. son.  He will have been mine for a whole year and he's apparently not going anywhere.  How cool is that!?  I know I've said this before, but really, truly, pictures are coming.  

3 people had this to say:

Anonymous April 3, 2009 at 1:16 AM  

Awe, Happy Birthday!

I'm looking forward to seeing his birthday pictures & him eating his cake!

Rachel Cotterill April 3, 2009 at 12:51 PM  

wow, a whole year! Happy birthday Asher! :)

SciFi Mama April 5, 2009 at 7:24 PM  

Happy Birthday, Asher! You are adorable. It's very nice to know that Mommy is enjoying you so much. Enjoy the time that's coming up. So many new things will happen so quickly, keep that camera ready to go at all times.

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